At TRADEUNOS, we are committed to creating risk free trading experience for all our investors while achieving maximum profitability.
  • 10 Old Bailey, London, England, EC4M 7NG
  • Whatsapp +44-7723852124
  • Mail address[email protected]

TRADEUNOS Advisory is a Commodity Trading firm based in London, UK that specializes in Forex, Gold, Crude Oil and Cryptocurrencies Trading. The Company solicits Investments from authorized Investors and helps produce substantial returns.

TRADEUNOS trades primarily in the London Stock Exchange (UK), New York Mercantile Exchange (US), and HKEX (Hong Kong) with the help of subsidiary brokers. Our team of expert traders execute trades on behalf of investors and charge them platform and exchange fees. With several trading strategies, TRADEUNOS retains a set margin on every trade that occurs, thus adding to our revenues.

TRADEUNOS Advisory is different from other Trading Companies in several ways:

  • The Company trades in specific Commodities market over 3 reputed international exchanges.
  • The Company offers greater returns on investments.
  • The Company operates on legit trading strategies to produce gains.
  • The Company offers substantial Affiliate business opportunities.

TRADEUNOS will help you grow your money! TRADEUNOS offers a great opportunity to earn income passively, simply make an investment into a Trading Plan and leave the rest to us. We execute Trades on your behalf and provide you guaranteed returns.

There are four Investment Plans offered by TRADEUNOS – FOREX, GOLD, CRUDE OIL and CRYPTO.

You choose a Plan that suits your appetite and view your money grow on your personalized dashboard. Simple!

Additionally, if you wish to join our Affiliate Program, there are host of other benefits offered too, which are detailed in other sections.

TRADEUNOS Head office is located in London, UK. However, there are offices operated by our representatives, which are spread across the globe.

Yes, TRADEUNOS is set up under the legal jurisdiction of United Kingdom, all relevant legal documentation of the Company can be found on the website.

Your Investments are 100% safe with the company, however, they are subject to inherent trading risks. Although, TRADEUNOS deploys expert Traders with decades of experience, there are inadvertent risk involved in trading, hence, you must invest only so much money which you can afford to lose. Please read our terms & conditions for more details.

Investments you make are secured in the following ways;

  • All transactions that occur on the Platform are encrypted using RSA algorithms.
  • Our platform is also SSL encrypted, certified by Verisign and is a trusted by McAfee secure, powered by Trust Guard cyber security.

The benefits of registering with TRADEUNOS are:

  • High returns.
  • Secured Investment.
  • Timely payments.
  • Easy withdrawals.
  • Excellent Affiliate Business opportunities.

TRADEUNOS support team is available 24/7 to help you with your queries. You can reach us on Live Chat, drop us an email on [email protected] or WhatsApp us on +44-7723852124.

You can register with TRADEUNOS in one of the following ways:

  • 1. Visit our Website,, navigate to the right and click on hamburger icon to open more options, then click on ‘Join TRADEUNOS’.
  • OR
  • 2. Use the Referral link to open up the online registration form.

There are no documents needed for registrations. However, ID proofs may be required by the Company in the future.

No, KYC is not mandatory for TRADEUNOS. However, the Company may ask you to provide an ID proof and/or proof of residence if need be.



Yes, with your new credentials, you will have a new User ID where you can login and handle the Investments / withdrawals separately.

Simply click on ‘Forgot Password Link’ on the login page. Provide your User ID and E-Pin, you will be sent a password reset email to your registered email address.

It is recommended that you change your login password and E-Pin at least once a month. You can do so, by logging into your account and navigating to ‘Edit Profile’.

There are four Investment Plans offered by the Company currently.

  • Forex is a 90 Days plan which offers 150% ROI.
  • Gold is a 180 days plan which offers 350% ROI.
  • Crude Oil is a 90 days plan which offers 200% ROI.
  • Crypto is a 180 days plan which offers 450% ROI.

The investment amounts vary according to the Investment Plans, please see below.

  • For Forex, it is $50 - $4,999
  • For Gold, it is $5,000 - $24,999
  • For Crude Oil, it is $25,000 - $49,999
  • For Crypto, it is $50,000 - $500,000

No. The returns that you receive every day consists of your Capital return plus your profit.

Yes, you can use your profits in the Wallets to invest into more plans. If you do not wish to invest into a Plan, you can choose to simply move your funds into ‘Cold Wallet’ where they generate additional interests on monthly basis.

Yes. You can invest in any number of plans as you desire. This helps you to diversify your portfolio thereby reducing risks and enhancing your earnings.

TRADEUNOS currently accepts Crypto currency investments in Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Litecoin, and Ethereum only. We do plan on introducing Fiat other modes of investments in near future.

No, TRADEUNOS currently accepts Crypto currency investments in Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Litecoin, and Ethereum only. We do plan on introducing Fiat other modes of investments in near future.

Yes, TRADEUNOS rewards you with host of benefits with our Affiliate Program. Below are few of the many benefits offered:

  • You can earn Referral commission upto 10% of your Affiliate’s Investment amount, the commission however, varies with the Investment Plan your Affiliate invests into.
  • You can earn Binary commissions at 9%

For more information on Referral commission and Binary Commission, please refer the Investment Plans on our website.

Yes, TRADEUNOS offers several bonuses and specially customized business options to established Leaders. The offers include benefits such as enhanced profit sharing, excellent goodies, sponsored travels and holidays, dedicated business manager and support.

Pro-Referral is our elite Leadership programme to reward our Leaders with great percentage bonuses at upto 7 down-line levels. When the direct referrals reach a target of 100, the Leader receives 1% of the combined business performed by all the 100 referrals. When the Referrals at level 2 reach a target of 200, the leader receives 2%. Similarly, the rewards are incremented by 1% upto 7 levels as detailed in the table below. For Level 8 and above, a constant 10% is issued for every 250 referrals.

Level Direct Referrals Reward
Level 1 100 1%
Level 2 200 2%
Level 3 300 3%
Level 4 400 4%
Level 5 500 5%
Level 6 750 6%
Level 7 1000 7%

Pro-Binary is another exclusive bonus programme for our Leaders, which offers great cash rewards at every level upto 7 down-line levels when the business targets on left and right legs are matched. At level 1, if the matching amount is $100,000, a reward of $1,000 is offered, which gets credited to the Affiliate Wallet. The rewards are incremented similarly until 7 levels as described in the table below. For level 8 and above, $15,000 is rewarded for every $200,000 of matching business.

Levels Target To Be Matched Reward
left Right
Level 1 100,000 100,000 $1,000
Level 2 200,000 200,000 $2,000
Level 3 300,000 300,000 $3,000
Level 4 400,000 400,000 $4,000
Level 5 500,000 500,000 $5,000
Level 6 750,000 750,000 $12,500
Level 7 1,000,000 1,000,000 $15,000