At TRADEUNOS, we are committed to creating risk free trading experience for all our investors while achieving maximum profitability.
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Referral Incentives with TRADEUNOS

Signing up with TRADEUNOS not only provides you an avenue of great passive income, but also yields substantial incomes via referral commissions. Every time you bring a referral who invests into a Forex Plan, you get 5% of the invested amount as referral commission. Similarly, you get a 6% for a Gold referral, 8% for Crude Oil’s referral and 10% for a Crypto referral.
Also, for any referral that your direct referrals bring you get a flat 2% of the invested amount regardless of the package the referral invests into.
Levels Forex Gold Crude Oil Crypto
Direct Referrals (Level 1) 5% 6% 8% 10%
Direct Referrals (Level 2) 2% 2% 2% 2%

Added Benefits with Binaries

Investing into any of plans, not only rewards you with great passive income but also helps you to create a separate business in itself with your referrals network, using our exclusive binary compensation model. This is a form of active income which requires you to promote our offering, you can be rest assured that we will provide all the support you need to build your network.
We pay a flat 9% on the lowest matching amounts on your legs as binary income every day! To put this into perspective, even if the investment amounts by all the users beneath your binary legs are matching to just $1,000, you receive a $90 as your binary commission. You continue to receive binaries everyday as long as there is a business on both your legs.
On a typical, with just a few active users in your down-line, the daily invested amounts are far beyond $1,000.
If you are a Forex Plan Investor, your daily binary income is capped to $1,000, if you’re Gold Investor then it is capped at $2,000, for Crude Oil it is at $4,000 and for Crypto it is at $8,000. The higher your investment plan, the higher is your capping limit!

Sample Income from TRADEUNOS Binaries

With a 9% commission with the applicable capping limit on your purchased package, below is an illustration of the income you can earn from TRADEUNOS binaries.
(CAP LIMIT- $1,000)
(CAP LIMIT - $2,000)
(CAP LIMIT - $4,000)
(CAP LIMIT - $8,000)
$10,000 $900 $900 $900 $900
$20,000 $1000 $1800 $1800 $1800
$30,000 $1000 $2000 $2700 $2700
$40,000 $1000 $2000 $3600 $3600
$50,000 $1000 $2000 $4000 $4500
$100,000 $1000 $2000 $4000 $8000
Note: The maximum binary income one can receive is $8,000, which is eligible only with Crypto Investment Plan.

Exclusive Programmes for Leaders

TRADEUNOS honors its active members, also called as ‘Leaders’ with loads of further benefits. We offer two elite Programmes, the ‘Pro Referral’ Programme and the ‘Pro Binary’ Programme which offer additional sums of money rewards paid on regular thresholds.

Pro Referral Programme

Level Direct Referrals Reward
Level 1 100 1%
Level 2 200 2%
Level 3 300 3%
Level 4 400 4%
Level 5 500 5%
Level 6 750 6%
Level 7 1000 7%
Pro-Referral is our elite Leadership programme to reward our Leaders with great percentage bonuses at upto 7 down-line levels. When the direct referrals reach a target of 100, the Leader receives 1% of the combined business performed by all the 100 referrals. When the Referrals at level 2 reach a target of 200, the leader receives 2%. Similarly, the rewards are incremented by 1% upto 7 levels as detailed in the adjacent table. For Level 8 and above, a constant 10% is issued for every 250 referrals.

Pro Binary Programme

Levels Target To Be Matched Reward
left Right
Level 1 100,000 100,000 $1,000
Level 2 200,000 200,000 $2,000
Level 3 300,000 300,000 $3,000
Level 4 400,000 400,000 $4,000
Level 5 500,000 500,000 $5,000
Level 6 750,000 750,000 $12,500
Level 7 1,000,000 1,000,000 $15,000
Pro-Binary is another exclusive bonus programme for our Leaders, which offers great cash rewards at every level upto 7 down-line levels when the business targets on left and right legs are matched. At level 1, if the matching amount is $100,000, a reward of $1,000 is offered, which gets credited to the Affiliate Wallet. The rewards are incremented similarly until 7 levels as described in the adjacent table. For level 8 and above, $15,000 is rewarded for every $200,000 of matching business.