At TRADEUNOS, we are committed to creating risk free trading experience for all our investors while achieving maximum profitability.
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about us

We are here to trade commodities with experience

TRADEUNOS offers a venture financier arrangement to oversee and develop individual invested assets through Financial exchanging. TRADEUNOS manages individual assets with our robotized exchanging programming and the aggregate exertion of our master brokers. In that capacity, TRADEUNOS exchanging enterprise offers financial specialists steady salary through our speculation stage.

Paired alternative exchanging has picked up such a great amount of ubiquity as of late because of its straightforwardness and its high reward proportion. Be that as it may, paired alternative exchanging can likewise bring about enormous misfortune in the event that one exchanges without the correct methods and mentality. So as to remain reliably beneficial in parallel choices exchanging, you should ensure you concentrate well first. The uplifting news is, TRADEUNOS exchanging company's gives you the answer for gain while you learn.

That is the reason we have presented a venture stage and with the help of our master dealers, we will probably help all sizes of speculators produce riches reliably with true serenity.

At TRADEUNOS, we will likely assist speculators with accomplishing their individual objectives by helping them secure and achieve money related opportunity. We put stock in straightforwardness and consistency and for this reason we’ve remained the best money related speculation firm over the last two years.

Our domains of trading are FOREX, GOLD, CRUDE OIL and CRYPTO.

Graham Matthews
(Chairperson & CEO)

Vision and mission

Our mission serves as touchstones, helping us define who we are and what we do as an organization. Here at TRADEUNOS we endeavor to help our patrons accomplish their dream of attaining financial freedom with the expert knowledge we’ve acquired through years of experience in trading. Our primary goal is to show how joyful and easily accessible trading can be with a trusted enterprise by your side.

Our Vision is to build an ecosystem of trust between Investors and Trade Analysts and render a multi-commodity Investment platform globally.

Our Mission is to leverage alternative trading techniques and increase ROI for our Customers.

Our Commitment

At TRADEUNOS, we offer our patrons the best trading experience with our carefully structured trading plans and to enable them to invest with confidence. We guarantee that our client care is of utmost importance to us. We ensure to execute you, the dealer’s, request in the most promising manner, at the earliest opportunity.

Our Organization

TRADEUNOS was formed for the sole purpose of accomplishing successful and profitable trading. We're fully aware that a knowledgeable dealer is an effective merchant, and our outcomes mirror our corporate qualities.

Our offices are located in England, the USA and Hong Kong.Our teams in these areas work as a unit and exert maximum effort to improve the system ensuring that our priorities are constantly right so that we are able to fulfill our promise to our patrons because it is our belief that a sound system always shortens the way to the goal.

Our Ethics

We are a fast growing trading company, offering best speculation designs in FOREX, Gold, Crude Oil and Crypto. Our objective is clear: enable our patrons to make a fortune regardless of age, sex and area. We believe this is key in delivering quality service to our esteemed investors. Adjustment.

Our Team

We feel very proud for our
great achievement

Our executive team consists of industry veterans and experts from Investment Banking, Wealth management and Stock & Commodities Trading domains with cumulative experience of over 150 years!

Graham Matthews

Chairman & CEO

Robert Rechenko

VP, Operations
Head Investments Team

Benjamin Zander

Head Crypto Investments

Vivianne Diaz

Head Forex investments

Terri Chapman

Head Gold Investments

Patrick Sayer

Head Crude Oil Investments
Investments Team

Shia Salazar

Crypto Investments

Dmitry Fefelov

Forex investments

Jane Bogdanova

Gold Investments

Vasiliy Pudzianowski

Crude Oil Investments